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Shade loving perennials

Our interest in shade lovers developed somewhat out of necessity faced with a garden containing many large established trees, including an overgrown apple orchard. We have come to love them for their charm and versatility. In terms of flower power they come into their own in spring, but whether it be foliage interest or flower they can be used to light up an otherwise dull spot in the garden.

Many of these are woodland plants which come into flower in spring when the tree canopy is open. By their nature they are un-fussy and apart from protection from sun and a humus rich soil need little fuss.

However a woodland is not needed and provided the soil structure is right they are equally happy in the shade of building, fence or wall.

Compared to the exuberance of some sun loving perennials, their often smaller stature makes them ideal for any small shady plot.

Many other perennial will happily grow in a degree of shade and will often tolerate slighly drier conditions than they would in full sun.

We are slowly introducing to our mail order list a small range of our favourites.